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The Duetti A9 Bicycle Frame

Delivering a highly personalized bicycle requires that we have a wide range of control over sizing and geometry configurations of the bicycle frame, but also a very consistent pallet range of tube weight and stiffness. That's why our bicycles are principally built from metals. The sophisticated structures that we utilize can be reliably and accurately replicated in titanium, steel and aluminum alloys. Not so much the case with carbon manufacturing. 

The most common aluminum alloys in bicycle frame manufacturing are 6061 and 7005. The drawback with these alloys is that they lack the fatigue life that steel and titanium alloys enjoy, so to avoid premature failures, most aluminum bikes are built to reduce flexibility and with it, comfort. 

The breakthrough material is the rare 6069 alloy which among other elements includes Vanadium.  It’s the same key ingredient included in high performance steel and titanium alloys that makes them tougher rather than stiffer, yet it is still formable. A perfect combination for our range of engineered tubing.

After welding and heat treatment, we utilize a shot-peening process that was developed for military components that see high stress and vibration. Together, the 6069 alloy, proper heat-treatment and controlled shot-peening increase the expected lifespan by more than 300% over the more common alloys/processes. The end result is a frame that is light, lively, durable and formable.

These qualities are perfect for applying our "Colorado" design parameters for a ride that is distinctly Serotta-esque: very responsive in the drive train, yet suitably supple for excellent cornering and all-day riding.


The Serotta SF9 disc-brake carbon fork

Not to be under-considered, the front fork should by no means be considered a commodity component of your bicycle.  Think of it as the tip of the spear that is you and your bicycle.  It is the first point of connection to the road and usually too, the first point of any impact. How it handles with front loading, side loading, the offset forces of applying disc brakes at high and low speeds while riding straight and while cornering are a few of the behaviors we consider. Then we consider how the fork’s flexing interacts with the movement of the frame and your wheels under all these conditions… it’s complicated. And its why long ago I concluded that generic forks were not an option- for handling and safety, we have developed our own forks.  We utilize the most experienced manufacturers and third-party test labs, like Germany’s EFBE, where our road forks are tested to exceed both road and MTB standards.

Go for it. Own the road ahead.

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