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What's new?

Basically almost everything!

After spending most of the last six years circling the bike world - literally and figuratively as a designer, supply-chain consultant and 2nd time framebuilding entrepreneur, it became clear to me that there are still needs that are not filled by the myriad of other bike companies. So, some time last year I decided to double down and bring Serotta, the brand, back to the forefront.

Why? Because at its core, throughout its first 40 years, the Serotta brand was devoted to the pursuit of making the cycling experience better one cyclist at a time, one bicycle at a time. That ethos is what drives research, discovery and a comfort for questioning the status quo about anything, everything; opening the doorway to innovative thinking, innovative products... And it’s still what excites me day after day.


Over the coming weeks I'll be introducing you to a new, expanded and logical model matrix that provides a simple and clear decision path for every cyclist. We'll explain why we utilize three wheel sizes as part of ensuring that the bike we build for you has perfect handling and balance for you while accommodating your perfect fit. And we'll introduce you to the members of our growing team who daily strive to further elevate your personal cycling experience.

Like me, the process of meaningful progressive change is never ending, nor is it completely comfortable, convenient or neat (yes there will be some spring cleaning of inventory). The status quo is for others, I'm driven to find the better way. But from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your patience while we switch runways. If you've signed up for our updates... there is much more to come. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us directly with your questions.



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