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Building bikes to fall in love with.

We build bicycles to fall in love with. What I mean is, when done right, your bicycle becomes a part of you. Your most devoted companion, you understand each other. Together, out on the roads and byways magic happens.

Our approach to doing bicycles right is pretty simple.
There is no one else just like you, so unlike most every other bicycle company, we won't attempt to sell you a bicycle that was designed for nobody in particular. Instead, we are very particular about making bicycles that are perfectly suited for the one cyclist we have in mind. You.

Each new Serotta begins life as a conversation. We'll communicate one on one with you, ask questions, listen a lot and ultimately design your bike. Before we build it though, we'll explain any options that you may want to consider and then we get to work. It's simple and fun for you, a bit more complicated and serious (but still fun) for us.

Who we are
At Serotta, we are committed to uncompromising excellence in purposeful engineering, fabrication and craft while applying our deep experience in bicycle design, bike fit and the relationships that all these attributes play in designing one perfect bicycle at a time. Our approach is why I’m confident that if you are a road cyclist, or becoming one, we can build a bicycle just for you that will love to ride, love to look at and love to think about riding as it calls you to ride more.

Who we are not
We don’t believe in frivolous or faux technology and happily leave the impressive markety-jargon to other companies.

Heart and Soul
The heart and soul of every bike lives in the frame and fork. Like an automobile’s chassis or an acoustic guitar’s body, a bicycle’s frame and fork set the foundation for the potential qualities in performance. If you start out with good, the best you’ll ever be able to have is good+. That’s why through the years, Serotta has put so much time and investment into the design and engineering that goes into each element of the frame and fork, bringing each material that we may use- steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon, to its full potential. We don’t offer a reduced version of anything, only the best. Our unique combination of highly sophisticated structural components with an industry-leading process for integrating personalized design (fit and balance), is the secret sauce that make you and your Serotta one.

One thing that I’ve has learned over the years: It’s not about racing, it’s about the ride. 

Serottas are rooted in an inescapable 40-year legacy of Serotta Competition Bicycles (1972-2013)– the company and bicycles that carried American cycling to the world stage and in the process changed how the bicycle industry looked at bicycle frame design and materials.  It is no wonder that so many cyclists, from former racing elite to hard-core aficionados, keep returning to their now older Serotta as a favorite ride.

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