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The very latest and basic info.

We are crafting primarily titanium bicycles with the most advanced titanium tubing ever made. You will marvel at how it rides compared to any brand, any material. Our specialty is designing and crafting road use bicycles, for whatever type of road/s you plan to ride on ( paved, gravel, mixed ) and for however you plan to ride - race, tour, epic adventures, commute, adventure ride, or leisurely, seeing the world.


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You can also call or text us at: (518) 588-9177
 Introducing the all new 2024 CONCOURS
Personal Build Series Bicycles
$7995 - Complete !


We never tire of the vicarious thrill we get from sharing in the cycling experience of fellow cyclists. It’s a privilege having the opportunity to apply everything we know, from our deep knowledge of bicycle fitting, cycling science, material science, design, engineering and manufacturing and right down to personalized component selection to deliver a ride experience that is unmatched.

Our approach is pretty simple, it's all about you.
There is no one else just like you. Unlike most every other bicycle company, we won't attempt to sell you a bicycle that was designed for nobody in particular. Instead, we are very particular about making bicycles that are perfectly suited for the one cyclist we both have in mind. You.

Each new Serotta begins life as a conversation. We'll communicate one on one with you, ask questions, listen a lot, explain your options and ultimately build your perfect bicycle, the one we know you'll fall in love with. The whole process is simple and fun for you, a bit more complicated and serious (but still fun) for us.

We are restless adventurers committed to delivering the extraordinary.
Doing the same thing over and over again has never been appealing to me. Why continue in sameness if there may be a better way? It's rarely easy, often uncomfortable, sometimes unpopular before it becomes a new norm, but there is always a better way. It’s a restless need to question the status quo, experiment, test, innovate. Across four decades Serotta catalyzed an industry-wide shift in bicycle material design and geometry, bicycle fit, the nuances of ride characteristics and personalized engineering. Today the push continues to redefine extraordinary, with new products and a fresh approach with our direct relationship with each customer. We believe quality human interaction simply yields a better result.

Heart and Soul - the Serotta frame and fork.
The heart and soul of every Serotta lives in the frame and fork. Like an automobile's chassis or an acoustic guitar's body, a bicycle's frame and fork set the foundation for the performance potential of the complete bike. If you start out with good, the best you'll ever achieve is good+. That's why throughout the years, Serotta has placed an emphasis on becoming extraordinary by dedicating so much time and investment in the design and engineering of every element of the frame and fork, elevating each material to its full potential. We don't offer a reduced version of anything, only the best. Combining our highly sophisticated structural components with our industry-leading process for integrating personalized design (fit and balance), is what forms the secret sauce that make you and your Serotta one.


Design Studio                                        153 Regent St. Suite 2020          Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 588 9177                                   Fitting Studio  - Open by Appt. Only

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