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Designed for all-road

For cyclists who routinely alternate where they ride from pavement to moderately maintained dirt and gravel surfaces, this style of bicycle is becoming the new go-to ride, freeing you to choose your own way on any ride, any day.

The ModoMio has been optimized for mixed surface conditions, while maintaining a fairly low center of gravity for high speed stability. At the front, the steering has been tuned to pair with the larger average tire size (32-35C, up to 38C in some brands) for better control on the less firm surfaces with slower average speeds. The ModoMio is also built to be slightly more durable and as a result weighs just a little more than a similar size Duetti.

What's in a name? ModoMio (pronounced moh-doh-me-oh,) In Italian, the phrase "a modo mio" suggests "in my way" of doing something. With your ModoMio, you will be well-equipped to adapt to wherever your road takes you.

The ModoMio is available in two models

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