DUETTI is a Modern Road Bicycle pre-engineered-by Ben and hand-crafted in small batches with the avid road cyclist in mind- neither as aggressive as a Pro Tour bike nor as short/upright as most “endurance” bikes from the big brands.

Just perfect for a long day riding on a wide range of surfaces from pavement to moderately maintained packed dirt, cinder, or gravel or your favorite Fondo.

Most important though, the Duetti A9 rides like a Serotta, delivering a ride that is unmatched in any other aluminum alloy frame, and easily superior in performance compared to mid-level carbon frames.

Frames are designed for 28C tires with just enough clearance for 30C road tires and are perfect for all-day riding.

The ORIGINAL MSRP with SRAM RED was $7,695 (Frameset value about $2,500).

Clearance Price Reduced for NEW FRAMESETS only: $595 (frame, fork, headset includes carbon cover and cap, axles).

We also have a few Used/Demo/Display framesets from $295 and up

* $70 shipping in continental US! *Group Discounts Available!

Group Discounts Available!

About the Duetti frameset.

The frame is crafted in 6069, an exotic super-alloy of aluminum. This alloy, along with specific heat treatments and carefully controlled shot peening*, enables us to produce tubes that when formed into our latest proprietary “Colorado Concept” design, are astoundingly light, responsive, forgiving, and durable.

The 6069 super alloy is not produced in North America arc the only frame shops familiar with the material and process are in Taiwan… which is why these Serottas are proudly produced in an immaculate facility in Taiwan.

*This type of shot peening was first developed in the defense industry to increase fatigue life in propellers and related hardware that is challenged by constant vibration combined with cyclical loading-a direct correlation to a bicycle. Controlled peening can increase product life expectancy by more than 300%.


Frameset: Serotta proprietary CC2 6069 seamless tubing.

Fork: Serotta Duetti full Carbon fork, 31.8/28.6 tapered steering column

BB: PF30 68MM: Rear axle through derailleur hanger is Shimano standard thread spec.

Seat Post Dia.: 27.2

Derailleur Cable/Wire Routing:
•Designed for AXS wireless shifting.
•Bikes for NEW Shimano DI2 Spec require an exit hole on the lower ST for front derailleur and rear drive dropout for the rear derailleur, that will be added on request.

Brake Routing :To allow minimal frame weight with maximum strength, the hydraulic hose lines are run external (see photos).

Weights: (Because we know some of you want to ask) vary with frame size. Like all Serottas, our frames will never be the lightest ever made, but they will be the best riding. Our design and engineering prioritize ride performance above all, then reducing weight as far as is prudent without compromising safety.