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Designed for road, mostly pavement

For cyclists who spend most of their time on pavement or other packed surfaces with occasional detours on rougher roadways, this is the essential modern road bike. Your Duetti is equally at home in a Gran Fondo, road race, training ride or simply a long day in the saddle when the only pace that matters is the one you set yourself.

Different from 'classic' skinny tire road bicycles, the Duetti is optimized for navigating the higher average speeds reached on pavement yet outfitted with 28C tires (up to 30C in some brands) with proper pressure you'll be more than adequately prepared for maintained dirt and gravel surfaces. Overall the design features steering that is a little more sensitive, a center of gravity that's a little lower, the bikes are a little lighter and typically your position would be a slightly longer and lower.

What's in a name? Duetti (pronounced Doo-et-ee) is plural for Duetto. Duetto (Italian for duet) represents two coming together to make a beautiful sound... or to me, a beautiful experience like the ride of a lifetime when you and your bike just become one. I chose the plural form of the word to reflect the many wonderful rides you’ll have together.

The Duetti is available in two models

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