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We design our road bicycles in three model categories based on your primary intended use- pavement, rugged surfaces and a mid-point in between.

Until a few years ago, classic road bikes were ridden on pretty much any road. Sure, riding a bike with narrow tires on dirt (packed or gravel covered) calls for an acquired set of riding skills, and at times, a different mindset, like skiing through the trees, but it was all in a day's ride. However, there's no question that larger tires, changes to the steering geometry and slight adjustments to your riding position, can make for a smoother more confident ride, especially over the varied surfaces we encounter on the less travelled byways.

A key point to understand is that there is no such bicycle made anywhere that is "optimal" for every condition. That which improves your experience on loose gravel, will downgrade handling at higher speeds on pavement. So your goal #1 is to think about where you plan on riding most of the time and we'll prioritize your bike's ride behavior around that type of riding. If you feel decision paralysis, we are more than happy to walk you through the process.

Where do you usually ride?



For the love of steel

If you’ve ever owned a truly great steel bicycle, especially one of the earlier Serotta Colorado Series that had raced to so many victories in the 1980’s and ‘90’s, you will already understand why we won’t let go of steel. If you’ve never had the experience, it is kind of hard to explain other than there is something in the road feel of the highest quality steel tubing that captures the essence and lore of road cycling.

The Studio

You want something else

We are not saying that we will build anything, but we are happy to listen to what you are hoping for and we’ll quickly let you know whether or not we believe we should be the company to build it, and if so, with a cost and lead time estimate.

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