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Gravel, loose gravel, dirt, fire roads

For the ultimate escape into the unknown, Scappero rolls on undeterred by a lack of manicured roadways, decidedly designed for the adventurous cyclist.

Somewhere between a road bike and hard-tail mountain bike, the wider tires (40-45C) and slightly higher ground clearance invite you to roll down almost anything that someone once called a road. As you’d expect, the steering is tuned for the less predictable conditions and the build is the most rugged of our three models. Mounting points for racks and extra water bottles are standard, all you need is an urge for adventure and a sense of direction.

What's in a name? Scappero (pronounced Skah-pair-oh, if you want to be cool, roll the ‘r’) translates to escape. Exactly what you’ll be planning on your Serotta Scappero, getting the heck away from the congested, organized world, get out of your box and find your new freedom.

The Scapperó is available in two models

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