What's new?
Basically, almost everything!

After spending most of the last six years circling the bike world - literally and figuratively as a designer, supply-chain consultant and 2nd time framebuilding entrepreneur, it became clear to me that there are still needs that are not filled by the myriad of other bike companies. So, some time last year I decided to double down and bring Serotta, the brand, back to the forefront.


Why? Because at its core, throughout its first 40 years, the Serotta brand was devoted to the pursuit of making the cycling experience better one cyclist at a time, one bicycle at a time. That ethos is what drives research, discovery and a comfort for questioning the status quo about anything, everything; opening the doorway to innovative thinking, innovative products... And it's still what excites me day after day.

In the coming month or so, we'll be phasing out serottadesignstudio.com and bringing serotta.com back to the forefront. It's an evolution, not a revolution. Thanks for bearing with us through the process!

Visit the new serotta.com

Serotta titanium returns
New bikes!

From a trio of new models, you can select the road bicycle that is optimized for the type of riding that you love the most- mostly pavement, mixed or decidedly less travelled. These bikes take everything learned across 20 years of making the Serotta Colorado Legend Ti titanium bikes. Crafted with our new 'gen-next' proprietary tubing and trio of use specific carbon forks, Serotta Titanium retakes the high mark for personalized performance in titanium bicycles. Deliveries begin summer 2020. The line is forming!


New Approach
You, only you.

From experience, we know a great bicycle not only becomes an extension of you, it makes you feel whole. Our singular mission is to build you a road bicycle - your road bike, that you'll fall in love with. There's no need for you to try to understand geometry charts or the differences that separate a dozen or so bikes that seem the same.

Each new Serotta begins life as a conversation. We'll communicate one on one with you, ask questions, listen a lot and ultimately design your bike. Before we build it though, we'll explain any options that you may want to consider and then we get to work. It's simple and fun for you, a bit more complicated and serious (but still fun) for us.