Act II



Serotta titanium returns

If there is one perfect material for the modern road bike it is titanium. Hands down, it's the metal with the mettle best suited to soothe and survive the rough urban jungles and flying gravel that are featured in our riding today. By applying everything we learned across 20 years of making the Serotta Colorado Legend Ti and completely updating our engineering with size and use specific proprietary tubing and carbon forks, Serotta Titanium retakes the high mark for personalized performance in titanium bicycles. From a trio of new models, you can select the road bicycle that is optimized for the type of riding that you love the most - mostly pavement, mixed or decidedly less travelled. Deliveries begin Summer 2020.

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For cyclists who spend most of their time on pavement, with occasional detours on rougher roadways, the essential modern road bicycle.


For cyclists who routinely alternate where they ride, from smooth pavement to moderately maintained dirt and gravel surfaces.


For the all-out escape into the wild where roads become trails, trails become paths and paths become...


Pricing  for complete bicycles $7,900 to $11,500.

Elevating titanium since 1993

There were some pretty and popular titanium bikes being sold back in '93, but Serotta was focused on introducing a titanium bike that was, pretty extraordinary. Determined to use the amazing metal to its maximum potential, the Colorado Legend Ti was the first fully engineered titanium bicycle, every detail designed to deliver the same powerfully responsive-yet sublimely smooth unique ride that our Colorado steel bikes had, only better. Within three seasons, the "Ti" had already been ridden to World Championship and Olympic titles and was the choice of the Coors Light squad, still the winningest continental US team on record. Act II begins.

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Each new Serotta begins life as a conversation. We'll communicate one on one with you, ask questions, listen a lot and ultimately design your bike. Before we build it though, we'll explain any options that you may want to consider and then we get to work. It's simple and fun for you, a bit more complicated and serious (but still fun) for us.

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