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Photo: Chris Milner. Duetti T9 photos coming soon.

For cyclists who spend most of their time on pavement or other packed surfaces with occasional detours on rougher roadways, this is the essential modern road bike. Your Duetti is equally at home in a Gran Fondo, road race, training ride or simply a long day in the saddle when the only pace that matters is the one you set yourself.

The energy you feel with the first pedal stroke on the Duetti T9 does not come from a hidden motor, but from a spirit echoing its victorious bloodline when the first Serotta titanium bicycles were raced to countless national and international victories almost thirty years ago. We've spared no expense in pulling out all the stops to reach a new pinnacle of advanced titanium engineering in the T9. That's what it takes to be the best. Pick your adjective, sublime, torrid, precise, transformational. It's inside the T9.

T9 Titanium


Delivering a highly personalized bicycle requires that we have a wide range of control over sizing and geometry configurations of the bicycle frame, but also a very consistent pallet of tube weights and stiffness levels.  That's why our bicycles are principally built from metals. The sophisticated structures that we utilize can be reliably and accurately replicated in titanium, steel and aluminum alloys.  Not so much the case with carbon manufacturing.

The most common titanium alloys in bicycle frame manufacturing are 3/2.5 and 6/4. Our tubing, primarily 3/2.5, starts out like that used by many other brands, but where they finish in specification, we just get started. By carefully controlled internal and external forming we surpass good and better and establish the best- a range of tubes that fully showcases this wonder material's full potential.  Most importantly, you can feel it when you ride.

If there is one perfect material for the modern road bike it is titanium. Hands down, it's the metal with the mettle best suited to soothe and survive the rough urban jungles and flying debris that are featured in our riding today. Not only is it the toughest of all bicycle materials and completely inert (zero corrosion from anything).  It's also in inherently strong, light and lively. The Duetti T9 is the great grandson of the Serotta Colorado Legend Ti- the first titanium frame to feature internal and external engineering in the tube design (1993) which helped establish its winning legacy and international acclaim.  Evolved from everything learned across 20 years of making the Serotta Legend Ti, our T9 sets a new high mark in engineering with size and use specific proprietary tubing and carbon forks, designed for the riding and equipment of today.


Complete bicycles are made to order. Pricing starts at $7,995.
More details on the Duetti T9 coming soon. If you have any questions, please contact us.

"No-compromise" trim packages. We start at awesome and go from there.
As with every detail, we’re here to help you make the best choice.

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