We are maniacal about frame tolerances. Serotta bicycles are the best aligned bicycles in the industry: period.

Intelligent design, not marketing trends, is what drives Serotta’s research, development and manufacturing. The question we ask every day is, “How do we make a better bicycle? One that is lighter, uses the cyclist’s energy more efficiently and keeps him or her relaxed and comfortable for the duration of any ride?”

Answering this question has led to 35 years of technological innovation. There is not a single detail of a Serotta bicycle that has not been thought through, challenged, tested, broken, built again and ridden for an endless number of miles.

Vertical Integration

The bicycle industry trend is to outsource, particularly when it comes to carbon fiber technology. Most of today’s bicycles are made by production workers who know very little about the product they are assembling. At Serotta, we are proud to buck that trend. Your Serotta is 100% handcrafted in our Saratoga Springs, NY and Poway, CA factories by craftspeople who understand high performance bicycles and are dedicated to making your Serotta perform brilliantly. In fact, we are obsessed with the performance, durability and styling of every detail of your bicycle. This obsession has led us to become more vertically integrated than any other bicycle manufacturer.

We design and produce all our own small parts in our CNC (computer numerical control) facility.

We butt and swage our own titanium tubes.

In January 2007, we took over production of our composites to ensure unlimited access to the highest quality carbon fiber in the world.

We build every Serotta as if it’s the only Serotta we’ll ever build — with no compromises.

When your Serotta comes together, it is greater than the sum of its parts. It is a perfectly aligned and detailed frame, designed to go where you want it to go and built to seamlessly transfer your power into forward motion on the road.