Serotta MeiVici SE Bike Review

You’re right. This does not look like most of the bikes in the pro peloton. That’s because singular focus of the MeiVici is performance. There simply is no other carbon bike on the road that offers the same degree of individualized performance engineering as the SE. Our industry-leading carbon fiber optimization technology built into our revolutionary, rider-specific Torsion Core™, Colorado Concept platform allows us to dial up drive-train stiffness as far as specified without sacrificing in vertical compliance and vibration damping properties. Other bikes may make you look more like a pro, but hands down, no bike while make you ride more like a pro than the MeiVici SE.

Like every Serotta, the MeiVici SE is fully crafted from the ground up in our US facilities

Name on top tube and head badge included. DI2 Internal on request.

Specs Summary
The MeiVici utilizes the most advanced multiple modulus lay-up carbon lug and tubing designs. Each lug is individually selected and custom machined for each frame. Lug construction is stronger and more durable than more common methods of all-carbon construction. Serotta’s Torsion Core™ is the first carbon fiber tubing engineered with specific carbon layers dedicated to reducing twisting forces. Combining Torsion Core™ lugs with TC5 Colorado Concept, Torsion Core™ carbon tubes makes this our most rider tunable bike with nearly limitless geometry and mechanical property possibilities. Serotta Composites engineered and crafted in our California facility. The SE can be ordered for either traditional cable routing or for Shimano Di2 internal routing. Please specify when ordering.

TC5 The next generation of our handcrafted Torsion Core™ tubing, TC5 uses multiple modulus lay-ups for the highest performance, most durable tube platform ever. These Colorado Concept tubes are custom selected for each frame. Available in the maximum number of stiffness levels, tubes are tuned for rider-specific performance benefits. Serotta Composites crafted.

Serotta Composites Carbon stay

F3 Serotta Composites Carbon Fork

Custom Fit. [learn more]

1,400 gm

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