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Personal Fit System

Serotta Personal Fit System Story

In Serotta’s early days of frame building, Ben noticed that the fitting systems that were based on body measurements (which were then compared to a data base of other cyclists) often resulted in bikes that fit OK, not reliably great. Serotta, determined to deliver ‘the best bicycles in the world’ realized that building the best bike, meant building the best bike for each individual.

Working with physicians and world class cyclists Serotta ultimately developed the first holistic fitting methodology that is based solely on each individual subject. One cyclist at a time. In the process, Serotta invented the SizeCycle (1979), the first infinitely adjustable stationary bicycle so that a cyclist could be moved through a compete range of positions for accurate assessment of riding style, flexibility, power and aerodynamics.

Then, in 1998, Serotta gathered the best fitting technicians from across the US and started the first fitting school program designed to elevate an entire industry’s understanding of bicycle fitting. Since that time, directly influenced by Serotta’s trained fitters, many companies (from the giants like Specialized and Trek to dozens of small custom builders) have adopted Serotta’s design concepts resulting in bicycles that fit a real cycling population better than ever before.

Let no cyclist have a poor fitting bike! Today, twelve years since its conception (31 years since the invention of the SizeCycle), the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) continues to lead the industry by providing the most advanced programs, skills clinics, educational opportunities and networking available to the cycling industry. For more information go to: