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NAHBS 2009: The Serotta Meivici AE is an aero road bike, this one with a one-off historical paint scheme.Photo: Zack Vestal

Serotta took an ultra-modern approach to the Handbuilt Show, bringing the most cutting-edge product the company has to offer. Carbon fiber was included in the construction of every bike on display, including a new aero road bike and a prototype ti-carbon cyclocross bike.

The Meivici AE road bike evolved from the Meivici AE time trial frameset. “We wanted to gain traction in the triathlon market, and also offer something in the emerging aero road category,” explained production manager Jared Porter. Using modular composite fabrication, Serotta is able to offer custom geometry in both of these carbon frames. Bladder-molded carbon “lugs” or frame modules compose large sections of the frame, including the top/head/downtube combination.

“Everyone on our staff does 10-20 jobs,” said Porter. “We keep our manufacturing really flexible, so we’re able to respond to market changes.”

The Meivici AE road bike is priced at $8500 for a frame, fork, and seat cap, and already 25 have been sold. “Our customers are very loyal, and always have faith in our products,” Porter said. “They know that if we offer something, it’s legitimate.”

Both the road and TT bikes feature modern design elements, including an extended aero seat cap on a short integrated seatmast, offering 4cm of height adjustment. A tapered 1 1/8-inch to 1.5-inch integrated headset merges with huge fork blades designed around the maximum 3-1 aspect ratio permitted by the UCI.

The bike on display was dressed in a paint scheme (no decals, all paint!) commemorating the Battle of Saratoga, a pivotal Revolutionary War victory for American forces that took place near the Serotta headquarters.

The prototype cyclocross bike combines elements from the all-carbon Meivici and the ti-carbon Ottrot. A Meivici carbon lug to tube front triangle is bonded with an Ottrot carbon to ti bottom bracket and stays. The one-off titanium monostay had to be created in order to mate with a Meivici carbon seat tube lug, but the new piece adds a super-stiff cable stop and brings added resistance to rear cantilever brake flex. Porter said that even he was surprised when the built weight (minus pedals) came to 15.2 lbs.

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Serotta HSG Road IT

Nowadays, the guy on the Serotta likely lives in a multimillion-dollar home and works on Wall Street. But in 1987, a guy on a Serotta probably lived in a smelly apartment in Golden, Colorado, with three other pros and rode for Team 7-Eleven. Serotta, a Saratoga Springs, New York-based builder of custom steel, ti and carbon frames, has one of the most illustrious racing resumes in North America. Its gotta-have-it rep of the past has led to some backlash; Serottas have become associated more with recreation than racing. For the HSG Road IT, which comes in stock, not custom, sizes, the company has tapped into its roots to make a machine that young, fast riders will be using to cut up the crit.
Serotta starts with its HSG (High Speed Geometry) build, which includes a slightly shorter, stiffer head tube; a longer top tube; and shorter stays. The look says fast: Shapely RoadMax carbon seatstays, top and down tubes are precisely matched with polished, 3AI/2.5V ti head tubes, seat tubes and chainstays.

Riding the IT is like binging on caffeine–you’re quicker, more alert and maybe even more attractive. I just slid away from the pack; how’d that happen? The juice from my legs felt like it flowed straight to the back wheel. The ti and carbon forgive road flaws, soaking up chatter, but this is no cruising bike. Flick your wrists to cop the inside line in a turn, then jump for the leader’s rear wheel. Now go for the front in a dead sprint, where the IT feels both stiff and ready for every watt in your quads. Do we like this bike? Like is the wrong word. Lust is the right one.

HIT: Made to crush the field
MISS: Slightly heavy for the dough
PRICE: $2,895 (frame)
WEIGHT: 16.9 lb. (54cm, as tested)
SIZES: 48, 50, 52, 52S, 54, 54S, 56, 58, 60, 62cm
FRAME: 12K RoadMax carbon and 3AI/2.5V ti
FORK: Serotta F3 6.5 carbon
COMPONENT HIGHLIGHTS: (as tested) Shimano Dura-Ace shifters, brakes, crank (53/39), 11-23 cassette, front and rear derailleurs; Ritchey Pro stem and bar; Thomson Elite seatpost; Fi’zi:k Arione Wing Flex saddle; Zipp 404 Carbon clincher wheels; Hutchinson Fusion 2 23c tires
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Serotta MeiVici SE Bike Review

You’re right. This does not look like most of the bikes in the pro peloton. That’s because singular focus of the MeiVici is performance. There simply is no other carbon bike on the road that offers the same degree of individualized performance engineering as the SE. Our industry-leading carbon fiber optimization technology built into our revolutionary, rider-specific Torsion Core™, Colorado Concept platform allows us to dial up drive-train stiffness as far as specified without sacrificing in vertical compliance and vibration damping properties. Other bikes may make you look more like a pro, but hands down, no bike while make you ride more like a pro than the MeiVici SE.

Like every Serotta, the MeiVici SE is fully crafted from the ground up in our US facilities

Name on top tube and head badge included. DI2 Internal on request.

Specs Summary
The MeiVici utilizes the most advanced multiple modulus lay-up carbon lug and tubing designs. Each lug is individually selected and custom machined for each frame. Lug construction is stronger and more durable than more common methods of all-carbon construction. Serotta’s Torsion Core™ is the first carbon fiber tubing engineered with specific carbon layers dedicated to reducing twisting forces. Combining Torsion Core™ lugs with TC5 Colorado Concept, Torsion Core™ carbon tubes makes this our most rider tunable bike with nearly limitless geometry and mechanical property possibilities. Serotta Composites engineered and crafted in our California facility. The SE can be ordered for either traditional cable routing or for Shimano Di2 internal routing. Please specify when ordering.

TC5 The next generation of our handcrafted Torsion Core™ tubing, TC5 uses multiple modulus lay-ups for the highest performance, most durable tube platform ever. These Colorado Concept tubes are custom selected for each frame. Available in the maximum number of stiffness levels, tubes are tuned for rider-specific performance benefits. Serotta Composites crafted.

Serotta Composites Carbon stay

F3 Serotta Composites Carbon Fork

Custom Fit. [learn more]

1,400 gm

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Serotta MeiVici AE Bike Review

MeiVici AE. For those who take on life at full speed, the MeiVici AE is simply breathtaking. It’s over-all aesthetics have found it in displays where whether viewed from 10 feet or 10” it will leave admirers speechless with its sensual lines and unsurpassed attention to detail. But to those fortunate enough to own an AE, the most breathtaking feature is this bikes performance. By optimizing wind cheating aerodynamics coupled with the unsurpassed acceleration and handling characteristics of the our custom MeiVici SE road model, and….startlingly smooth, the AE is in a realm of its own.

Seat post, headset and name on top tube included. DI2 internal on request.

Specs Summary
The MeiVici AE offers supreme aerodynamics coupled with the unsurpassed ride quality and handling characteristics of the company’s custom MeiVici SE road model.  The MeiVici AE was engineered with aerodynamic features and customization options that produce the ultimate combination of speed and peformance against the clock.  The MeiVici’s features a seat tube angle-specific rear wheel cut out and an innovative aero seatpost for maximum aerodynamics and weight savings

From stem to stern, 100% carbon fiber engineered , individually tuned and constructed by Serotta Composites™ of California.

Serotta Composites carbon fiber stay

The MeiVici features Serotta’s first integrated fork system. The F4’s tapered oversized steered tube utilizes a 1 1/8″ upper and 1 1/2″ lower bearing system. Serotta’s lighest, strongest most aero fork ever.

Custom Fit. [learn more]

13.5-17 lbs. Complete bike weight range depends on size of bike, component options and finish choices.

PDF MeiVici AE Specs Download