Fit at Home

Fit At Home

If you have already established your fit and/or don’t have ready access to the Serotta FIT Lab or anyone of our Certified fitters or Serotta Flagship accounts, you can still have a custom Serotta built to your exact specifications through the use of the SICI XY Tool.

The Purpose of the XY Tool

The XY Tool will accurately reproduce the handle bar and saddle rail clamp center position from the size cycle to a bicycle or from bicycle to bicycle. This will enable a Fitter to quickly check the final set-up of a custom Serotta bicycle, reproduce the Size-Cycle coordinates for positioning a test ride, or reproduce an existing bicycle fit. This tool makes it easy to confirm the X and Y coordinates of the handle bar and saddle centers. This information is then added to the information that is already collected off of the size cycle, giving you an easy method to further ensure the accuracy of the final fit on the bicycle.

To purchase an XY tool to keep all your bikes up to spec. in regard to fit or to take advantage of our XY FIT TOOL LOANER program, please contact us.