Serotta was an American bicycle builder located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Named after founder Ben Serotta, the company was founded in 1972.

Serotta built frames for the Coors, Crest and 7-Eleven pro teams, although Team 7-Eleven bikes were branded as Murray and later Huffy. Serotta also built bikes for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Serotta was known in the industry for its proprietary tube designs and revolutionizing titanium bicycle building. Serotta sold the company in 1989 to Archibald Cox Jr., son of Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox Jr. Cox later purchased Fat City Cycles and merged it with Serotta in response to growing interest in mountain biking. In 1997, Ben Serotta and his wife Marcie bought the company back from Cox.

Serotta also has a bicycle-fitting system. The Serotta Fit School, started in 1998, trains retailers, coaches and clinicians in a system that incorporates the rider’s life, goals, fitness, body, flexibility, motion, experience, injuries, surgeries and physical concerns.

In June 2013, Serotta merged with Blue Competition Cycles and Mad Fiber Wheels under the name of Divine Cycling Group. In July 2013, Serotta ceased manufacturing bicycles.

While the company was in business this was the about statement:

Serotta is the bike company that puts cutting edge technology under discerning riders worldwide. We’re innovators with long heritage of our road bikes being raced to gold medals internationally. We’re riders on road, track and trail. We’re passionate about cycling. We push the envelope in service. Every time you get on a Serotta we want you to have the ride of your life.

Building the Best:
 Every day, Ben and the dedicated Serotta staff ask, “How can we make it better?” We design, build, break, redesign, rebuild, test and repeat. We handpick our raw materials, making sure they meet rigorous quality control standards. Only when Ben is willing to put his signature on a bike does it move to production.

 Because we’re a small, independent frame builder, we can provide you with a level of service you simply won’t get from any other company. Ben Serotta comes to work every day at the Serotta factory, and remains directly involved in designing and building our premier class bikes.

Pushing the Limits of Technology:
 Only Serotta bicycles have the extensive engineering of our Proprietary Colorado Concept tubing design. It’s the foundation behind the unique ride of each and every Serotta, to which we add Serotta-specific ride-enhancing features like our 3D XL dropouts. That’s why Olympic athletes, world champions, professional cyclists and cycling aficionados the world wide choose our bikes over all the rest.

On the Cutting Edge: 
As bike designers and builders, we have distinguished ourselves for almost 30 years with performance engineering no one else imagined possible. We love designing and building bikes, and we thrive on challenge. That’s what most people know about Serotta. We built the first US-made ‘aero’ pursuit frames (1977); the first modern geometry mountain bikes (1981); the ‘S’ bend chain stay (1984); Colorado Concept tubing (1985); the first butted titanium tubes (1993); and the first rider tunable suspension road bike (1999).